What Buyers Are Looking For in 2014

Buyers are already out this year looking for their next dream home prompted by low interest rates, more equity based sales, and warm winter weather. These are trends I’ve begun noticing with my clients and I have three words for you: upgrades, upgrades, upgrades.




Updated bathroom

 What they want to see: Good condition houses, new paint, newer carpet, pavers, updated kitchen and bathrooms.

What they don’t want to see: Dirty, foul-smelling, cluttered fixer-uppers and overpriced homes without upgrades.

Buyers are smarter now; they’re doing their research before they view their first home and know what they want. If you don’t have much to invest in upgrades for your house, the most cost effective ways to add value are a fresh coat of paint, new carpeting and a clean looking front yard. Keep in mind these are trends I’m noticing this year, but every buyer is different and the buyer for you is out there somewhere!

Updated kitchen


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